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Four women, dedicated to helping reduce the cat and kitten population here in Sonoma County, California, started Community Cat Care of Santa Rosa in 1998 to create an adoption avenue for otherwise unwanted and uncared for animals. We became a non-profit 501(c) 3 corporation in 1999. Since our beginning, we have placed more than 600 discarded cats and kittens into new homes. All of our animals are spayed or neutered, vaccinated, and Leukemia-tested prior to placement. We carefully screen our prospective adopters. The animals that we are able to help have already been homeless once and it is our goal to keep them from being homeless again.

Constance Swinton, Director of Community Cat Care, helped establish Forgotten Felines of Sonoma County in 1990. Constance has had a lifelong commitment to the rescue of animals, both domestic and wild. Prior to moving to Sonoma County in 1988, she was a volunteer caregiver for Wildlife Rescue of Texas. Constance works as a Real Estate agent and Birth Doula.

Chris Bell, foster parent extraordinaire, is the backbone of our foster program. If not for Chris' tireless efforts to house and care for the animals under our guardianship, we would not be able to function in the community. Chris currently handles incoming telephone calls and screens applicants. She is the mother of two grown children and currently works as an elder caregiver.

Sally Watson, bookkeeper, secretary, sometime foster parent, colony caretaker, and well-known author, is instrumental in keeping us all in line with record keeping, finances, etc. Sally is the proud guardian of 10 of her own cats. She has fed many feral cats everyday for more than 10 years. During the first two years of Community Cat Care's existence, she handled all of our incoming calls. She has worked tirelessly on behalf of Forgotten Felines for many years. When one of Sally's charges becomes ill (usually due to old age), she brings the cat home for nursing and care. When it is ready to move on, Sally makes sure it passes with dignity, care, and with as little discomfort as possible.

Sally teaches an exercise class for seniors at the Steele Lane Community Center in Santa Rosa and tutors reading to students at a local elementary school. You can purchase reprints of Sally Watson books on-line at Image Cascade Publishing will donate a portion of the purchase price to Community Cat Care. You can find her books on eBay for several hundred dollars. Sally has recently finished writing three new, as-yet-unpublished books and has started a new manuscript. Image Cascade will be publishing these books in the near future.

Sandy Bevivino is another longstanding member of Community Cat Care. She is our "transporter" much of the time. Fortunately, she drives a jeep with lots of space. Sandy shares her home with cats, dogs, and extended family. She is a registered nurse working full-time with disabled children. Sandy often works a double shift and, as such, volunteers much of her "sleep" time to transport animals to and from veterinarians.

Jennifer Bird is the director of a canine rescue service called, A Leg Up Rescue. A Leg Up rescues small dogs throughout California and finds permanent placement for them. Currently, A Leg Up Rescue's web site has been displaced, so Jennifer's rescued dogs can be found at here. As soon as we have rescued Jennifer's web site, Community Cat Care will provide a link to it. Jennifer fosters occasionally for Community Cat Care and helps us in transportation. She is also the managing director of a large dog rescue group in Sonoma County with a staffed kennel.

Lila Harrington is our morale leader. She often entertains us with great food and provides us with a chance to get together. She waves our banner whenever and wherever possible and cheers us up at every opportunity. Lila is of Viking heritage and cares for several cats of her own. Her home is a historical bungalow that she has wonderfully decorated with an eclectic combination of charm and character.

Dr. Kathryn Hinkle is a longtime supporter of Community Cat Care and other rescue organizations. Dr. Hinkle often provides advice, veterinary care, and general encouragement. We consider her our "advisory specialist" and wish to thank her and her staff for their ongoing support. Their mascot "Sunny," a huge, cream American Shorthair, can usually be found managing the staff in the front office.

Bright Haven Animal Sanctuary and Dr. Grant Patrick have been very generous and helpful to Sally and her brood. He has been involved with cat rescue work for many years and is a very important part of our spay/neuter program. Dr. Patrick and his staff have blessed us with a gentle warmth and good humor.

Many other veterinarians in Santa Rosa help us in our work and we are very happy that Sonoma County boasts such a conscientious group of professional veterinarians. Many of our adopters also help us along the way, not only by providing good homes for our kitties, but also by donating time and resources.

James Ernst Accounting and especially Donna, who support us and help in our non-profit work.

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